Taranaki Tracks and Trails Strategy

In November 2017 The New Zealand Walking Access Commission engaged with Lincoln University Landscope DesignLab to develop a strategic vision and direction for the tracks and trails network in the Taranaki region. This work has been developed by Lincoln University’s Landscope DesignLab, Sport Taranaki and the New Zealand Walking Access Commission, and has involved ongoing discussions and workshops with local councils, iwi, Department of Conservation, and local community groups.

This document proposes a strategic direction for the Taranaki region’s tracks and trails network. The strategy utilises existing opportunities, addresses key challenges, and celebrates the capacity of journeys to inspire and connect us.

The strategy is underpinned by the following narrative, value and vision.


Narrative: Taranaki’s journey, from Tongariro and down the Whanganui, continues to shape this land and its people. Connecting with this journey creates opportunities to more deeply connect with this place.

Value: Taranaki, the mounga, embraces the whole region – from its summit and to the ocean. Wherever we are in Taranaki, we are always on the mountain and in its embrace.

Overarching Tracks and Trail Vision: To invite everyone – local and visitor alike – to join in Taranaki’s journey by making their own journeys around the mountain, along routes that are woven from mountain to sea.


This vision is realised through a series of nine projects which, along with key stakeholder groups, identify the next steps in the implementation of the Taranaki Tracks and Trails 2040 Strategy.


Principal Projects:

  1. Project 1: The youngest children explore their place around the mountain
  2. Project 2: Year 9-10 students travel together in a multi-day journey around the mountain
  3. Project 3: A great walk from Mounga to Moana
  4. Project 4: Biodiversity Trails
  5. Project 5: Cycle trail
  6. Project 6: Coastal Trail
  7. Project 7: River Crossings
  8. Project 8: Tourism Trail
  9. Project 9: Historic Trails