Oparara Basin

Taking part in conservation is the fastest growing recreation activity in this country. Yet for many Kiwis as well as international visitors it can be difficult to take those first steps in being involved. Here in the Oparara Basin, a place that was still being logged in the 1980s, we walk people through stories of past extinctions and forward into ways everyone can be involved in the excellent work that’s bringing back whio and kiwi to Kahurangi National Park. Life-size silhouettes of moa are used to reveal how and why the juvenile lancewood/horeka plant evolved to be unpalatable to moa. With your torch you can make silhouettes of the ancient ocean life out of which the limestone is made from. And at the end of your walk you follow bird prints into a life-size tracking tunnel where videos show you some of the nests and burrows that the Department of Conservation traps are protecting. Here we ask you to be part of the New Zealand conservation vision – to sign up for updates during your travels, to donate time and resources for particular projects, and to share your enthusiasm for this work (and some selfies) with your social networks around the globe.