Design research studio session, summer school 2016 - Exploring the possibilities of landscape-centric city in Canterbury

At Landscope DesignLab, our goal is to connect people to nature, and to connect nature to people.

We are an innovative group of researchers, designers, and educators who are actively developing an expanded pallete of nature-based interactions and interventions.

Landscope DesignLab is an expanded ecosystem of people, groups, thinkers and supporters. Through our shared values, we’ve collaborated on projects that:

  • Create regional scale change
  • Transform behavior
  • Direct multigenerational strategic investment
  • Foster social enterprise and strengthen cultural value
  • Significantly strengthen nature’s voice in our lives

DeisgnLab research group is internationally recognized for its innovative use of design-directed methods. Here you can discover our work and approach and also connect with us through our contact page.