Dr. Mick Abbott

Mick Abbott is Associate Professor of the School of Landscape Architecture. He is co-leader of Landscope DesignLab. He has co-edited ...
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Woody Lee

Woody is the co-ordinator of the Designlab, and works into both research and design aspects of the projects, including Arthur’s Pass ...
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Tenille Pickett

Tenille Pickett actively designs and researches into the Design Lab. She is also a Landscape Architecture tutor at Lincoln University. She ...
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Cameron Boyle

Cameron is a researcher within Design Lab. With a background in social science and cultural studies, his research focus in ...
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Collaborators include:



Dr Jacky Bowring

Dr Nick Dickinson

Kennedy Warne

Teoti Jardine

Dr Sven Grabow

Dr Sam Yu

Kate Blackburne


Visiting Researchers:

Dr Zhuang Youbo (Tsinghua University)

Dr Paul Roncken (Wageningen University)

Dr Rudi Van Etteger (Wageningen University)

Post Graduate Researchers

Jorden Derecourt

Tina Zheng

Kate Blackburne

Bhaskar Bhatt

Wendy Hoddinott

Cora Lawton

Charlotte Murphy

Nicki Owen

Jess Rae

Hermi Suhiram

Nicki Williams


Justine Carey

Jia Ying Chai

Todd Graham

Emily Mabin

Mees Van Wagtendonk

Hannah Wilson

Thomas Pulles

Mark van Oijen