Studio – Acting as a design method

3rd year students of the School of Landscape Architecture (SoLA) at Lincoln University were tasked with designing a 10m x 10m x 10m black box. The brief proposed these boxes might be installed somewhere within Christchurch city, and would function as a social/community space or installation.

With very little to go on, we challenged the students to design something not only conceptually rich, but that would also work in reality. To help explore and refine ideas, we asked the students to create a 10 minute script for someone experiencing their space. We then used a studio session to ‘act out’ students concepts using the script, and the studio space.

This was a great way for students to push their designs, as too-long-a-time period unscripted called for clearer choreography of the space, while redundant objects, forms, or items became apparent when it was unclear how it related to the overall user experience.

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